Donate to New Bridge

Help us to provide people in prison with vital support through New Bridge befriending. 

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£50 will cover postage for exchanging 85 letters with people in prison

£150 pays a year’s costs for one volunteer who befriends two people

£500 helps us to visit ten people in prison

£3750 pays for all the letters we redirect from people in prison to their befrienders for one year

I have a wonderful befriender who has helped me through some difficult times whilst in custody, who sees me as an ordinary human being rather than as a prisoner.  I am able to express my thoughts and seek guidance from my befriender, who is encouraging and engages in a range of interesting subjects which has broadened my horizons and helped me focus on what I want to achieve in life on release.  Having a befriender has made being in prison a less stressful event and being treated like a normal human being allows me to want to be a productive member of society.  It cannot be stressed enough how important their work is, especially for people who have no-one else to talk to on the outside