I do hope that you’re all well and will enjoy a happy Christmas without too many restrictions in place.

Again, this year, we were unable to welcome you to our Christmas celebration – deeming not safe to gather lots of people together

Jamie is someone that New Bridge has supported and he always wants to help us raise funds so we have produced his podcast with some Christmas carols sung by a choir that one of our trustees (Anna) belongs to – they all donated their time and their music. 

We hope that you will feel moved to donate to us – we have increased the number of volunteers who write to, email, phone and visit people in prison.  We’re so pleased that visits have started to take place again because we know how much support and comfort they bring.   We’re appealing to you to help us meet the costs by donating to New Bridge in lieu of tickets:

£15 (I ticket) pays for one volunteer to travel 60 miles to visit the person they befriend

£30 (2 tickets) buys a train ticket for a London based volunteer to visit their befriendee in HMP Peterborough

£45 (3 tickets) for a volunteer to travel from their home in Liverpool to HMP Leeds to visit the person they befriend and to buy them some refreshments in the visits hall

£60 (4 tickets) goes towards a bed overnight for a volunteer who travels from home in Cambridge to one of the prisons on the Isle of Wight


Thank you and with our very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year


Yours sincerely


Judith Smith

Chief Executive

New Bridge Foundation

Listen to the whole of Jamie's story below. Jamie, Ben, and all of us at New Bridge wish all of you a very happy Christmas.