After 7 months of writing to each other, H** came in and visited me.  The visit was a high point as I not only put a face to a name and to letters but it dramatically helped with my positivity and mental health

New Bridge befriending includes visiting people in prison every 3 to 4 months.  Research shows that a strong visiting system improves prison life and contributes to a reduction in re-offending on release.

My volunteer is very supportive and has helped me to maintain a positive focus.  I have had two visits with my volunteer previous to when I had not a visit for over 4 years.  These have helped me with my self-confidence and helped me to take a more positive view of life

44% of people we befriend have not been in prison before and those serving long sentences may feel little hope for their futures.  Visiting plays a vital role in helping them to adapt and cope with their confinement through the maintenance of outside relationships and preservation of self esteem.

I was worried that no-one suitable would be found for me.  However, when the first letter arrived, those fears were quelled and my befriender has been great in writing to me.  I’m greatly looking forward to their first visit