Almost anything that breaks up the mind-numbing monotony can be a welcome break and receiving a positive letter filled with news or kindly words can make an enormous difference. A good letter can be a little glimmer of light in an otherwise dark world.

Prison can be a hard and demoralising experience for many prisoners. That’s why a loving, kind or funny letter being slid under your locked and bolted cell door or handed out can make all the difference. Pity those who have no-one to write to them and no spark of light in their darkness

Alex Cavendishblogger released from prison in 2014

The random facts T** sends me make me laugh.  Also when he goes on holidays I receive postcards.  A bit of colour in a sea of prison paperwork.  He has shown an interest in my life here, me work and interaction with my fellow cons.  Yeah it’s prison, but you gotta laugh sometimes.  Thanks T**!

Receiving letters from someone who is independent of the prison system, the opportunity for long term contact with their befriender, and developing a link with the world they will be returning to are considered by people we support to be the most valuable aspects of New Bridge befriending.  Some people value letters more than face-to-face visits, and in some cases even stated that they did not wish to receive visits.

My befriender who I now see as a friend is willing to listen to my concerns about life and what the future holds.  I always look forward to the visit and receiving letters.  She treats me with respect and looks past my offending behaviour.  I feel that I won’t be so isolated knowing that she is there if I need to raise my concerns about life.  The work you do makes prisoners feel that little more human

For those on the outside, modern life is dominated by instant communication. Smart phones, tablets and laptops keep us connected 24 hours a day. It is easy to forget that for people in prison, a letter is one of the few ways in which they can talk to and hear from the outside. 

 It can make you feel better getting letters, a little bit loved and not forgotten