Many people in prison do not receive letters or visits but most need someone to talk to - someone they can trust, who doesn’t label them, talks straight, stays in touch and doesn’t make unrealistic promises.

After my mum died I had no one to write to.

Any adult in any prison in England or Wales is eligible to apply for a New Bridge Befriender.  We welcome requests for a befriender in all circumstances although sometimes our support is more attractive to those who are vulnerable and isolated or who have limited or no contact with people in the outside world.  These may be people who are sentenced for the most serious offences or who are serving lengthy, life or indeterminate sentences.

Having a befriender has made being in prison a less stressful event and being treated like a human being allows me to want to be a productive member of society. It cannot be stressed enough how important their work is, especially for people who have no-one else to talk to on the outside.

For those in prison who have little or no contact with family and friends, New Bridge Befriending helps to bridge the gap between prison and the wider community.  More than 40% of those applying for a befriender do so because they have no contact with the outside world.

I have had two visits with my volunteer, previous to which I had not had a visit for over 4 years. These have helped me with my self-confidence and helped me to take a more positive view of life.