Vision, mission, values

I feel more confident with my sentence than I did before. Talking with my befriender helps to make you see there can be a future, whereas before I didn't think there was. Positive vibes can rub off into other aspects and start a positive attitude

Our vision: Every person in prison feels a meaningful connection to the outside world.

Our mission: We match people in prisons with trained volunteers who offer long-term support through a combination of correspondence and visits. This provides people in prison with a bridge to the outside world, along with an increased sense of value and potential for their future.

Our Values: underpin our approach to all of our work, and are shared by all of our volunteers. New Bridge is:

  • Non-judgemental: we believe every person has value beyond the worst thing they have done
  • Inclusive: we accept applications from any person in prison, and any volunteer who shares our values
  • Independent: we are wholly separate from and not influenced by the criminal justice system
  • Prisoner-led: our volunteers shape their correspondence and visits around the needs of the person they support
  • Constant: we provide a reliable connection between those inside and outside prison

I look forward to receiving contact from my befriender and it acts as a ray of hope in a dark and difficult world