I was given your address from another inmate when discussing our loneliness and isolation sent so far from home and having all but lost our families. My story is also one of being brutally abused and neglected, not only by my family but by every relationship I have ever had. I have all but given up on humanity, concentrating on studying a degree on canine psychologically. But I still miss someone to write to, someone who might be selfless enough to visit me, perhaps reignite my interest in other humans, maybe even to teach me that not all humans want to do me harm, use me or abuse me. I sincerely hope I have found the right agency/charity who can help me heal, help knit the deep scars I hide and offer me a tentative connection with the outside word. Teaching me to maybe trust again.

New Bridge relies on its loyal and committed fundraisers without whom it would be impossible to continue. If you would like to fundraise for us you could:

  • Hold a fundraising event on behalf of New Bridge
  • Make New Bridge your workplace charity of the year
  • Have a cash collection for New Bridge amongst your congregation
  • Enter a sponsored walk, run or swim as a New Bridge fundraiser
  • Have a pub quiz in your local to support New Bridge

Recently our fundraisers have run the London marathon; donated their cash wedding presents; organised a sponsored walk and climbed a mountain.

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