Volunteer awards 2022

At our recent Volunteer Conference we had the pleasure of announcing our Volunteer of the Year Awards.  Every one of our volunteers shows dedication, compassion and commitment and we love to celebrate them all.  However we also like to take the time to recognise particular milestones or successes in a volunteer's journey with us.  

Long service awards

We were delighted to be able to officially mark the 30th year of Tony volunteering with New Bridge.  Tony has supported the same person in prison (and after their release) throughout his three decades of service!

We also celebrated three people marking their 20th year of volunteering: Ann (pictured), Letty and Ben, who have all been wonderful supporters of our work throughout their time with New Bridge.  As well as being engaged and knowledgeable volunteers themselves, they have also each worked to support and encourage other volunteers on their journeys with us.  We are so lucky to have them as part of our community.

Reflecting on her 20 years with New Bridge, Ann says 

Volunteer of the year

Our Volunteer of the Year award was presented to Andrew, in particular recognition of his tireless dedication to resuming prison visits in 2022, after the Covid-induced restrictions of the last two years were finally lifted.  We know how much visits mean to the people we support - one of them recently wrote to us to say:

So far in 2022 Andrew has made 9 prison visits, travelling over 3,000 miles and clocking up a staggering 275 hours of volunteering for New Bridge.  We are incredibly inspired by and grateful for his dedication to keeping people in prison connected with the outside world.  

You can find our more about volunteering with New Bridge, including how to sign up, here: https://www.newbridgefoundation.org.uk/what-does-volunteering-look-like

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