World Poetry Day 2024

Life Support 

What does good support mean to me?

I reflect upon this frequently

I leave out Brownies, misguided support

About potential careers, typing letters, sitting on the bosses knee

This misguided support was meant for me.

My parents raised me, supported me as an Asper girl

Their love and care, kept me happy and well

Support to me comes from my first training bra

And tights that stay up, and knicker elastic (strong)

And a good pair of shoes

With heels that last long

Good support from friends, with a girly night in

Ann Summers parties, with a film and some wine.

Supporting each other, on hen parties and more.

Supporting each other, fighting for sex equality

In the women's war

Support to me is having a listening ear

A shoulder to cry on, supporting each other all year.

By talking to friends about problems,

it helps to unburden the load,

makes our travel easier down life's journey road.

By Marcia

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